Best Questions and Answers Seo Interview 2016.

1.Que- What is SEO?

Answer-  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . It is a technique or platform that help the website to come / visible in Search engine like as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN and others.We can say that SEO is way to work on a huge of website. we share our link or view of our website on other site. It is useful for online business. it help to connect and tell about our business to the people of the world, we do a lots for seo like as, Link Submission, Bookmarking, Article submission , form Submission, blogging and share link and our view on many social website.

2.Que -What is Blog? why it is Important for Website?

Answer-->Blog is Very Important for Website, It is also like as website, We can say that blog is Sub site . We can share about our site and our view with user, It is just like electronic Diary where we save on line line data. We can share our knowledge and though before friends and all people of the world. Search Engine Also give performance of our blog if it is useful for other . Content should note be copy from other site.Two famous website for blogging 1. Blogger 2. Word Press. Other many site provide to create blog free. you can visit here The Top list of blogging Websites here. and create you own blog .

3.Que-How many tools are used in doing SEO?

Ans-- We use mostly Google webmaster tool, Google analytic tool, open site explorer , Alexa and website grader . it is best and trustful tool for SEO.

4.Que-What is keyword stemming ?
Ans. keyword stemming is the process of finding out the root word from the  search query..

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