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Some great ideas you'll see below include illusions of people interacting ... this post simply because I really liked almost everything I saw from them. ... a loop on a hotwheels track, which would be a fantastic illusion from far away.

What is copy? It’s simply the words you use to entice your ideal prospective tenant to want to see your property.

The biggest issue almost every rental ad on the internet faces is that they have not targeted a prospective tenant. They put a few facts out about the property, post a couple of mediocre pictures and call it a day. Then, after six weeks they wonder why their home is not renting.  Here’s an example I just found online. It’s not a horrible ad – it’s a typical ad. The problem is that unless you’re in a wildly hot rental market, typical ads aren’t going to work very well. You’re going to find yourself languishing on the rental market for over a month like this person’s ad has been (I know because I’ve seen it around for awhile).

Create an EYE CATCHING headline

This is not an eye catching headline “3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home Recently Updated”.

That blends in beautifully with every other ad out there. Why not go straight to the pain that has them moving? Or start painting that picture for them in the headline. Here’s a few that have worked really well for us:

> > Sick of Sharing Utilities? This Sparkling Clean Home Is ALL Yours

> > Privacy, Space and an Ocean View! Darn Near the Perfect Family Home

> > Work From Home? This Great Home Has a Perfect Office Plus Space For Your Kids

In every case it is fairly obvious who we are targeting. And it gets the attention of everyone, not just that person because it’s different. Capital letters, symbols and other unique features in the headline also work well because few people use them.

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