How To Unique Places 2 Promote Your Blogs

In order to have a constant flow of traffic to your blog, quality content is not enough. You need to promote your blog posts and make sure they are visible at every corner of the web where your potential reader hangs out.

I have well known friends that post very great articles and have good traffic from Google but still their traffic isn't satisfactory, this is born to fact the player don’t focus much on the web for  websites and other promoting tactics. Here is record of all the different method by which you could easily promote your blog posts without any hassle.

1. Social networking sites:
This could be the one of the best way of promoting blog posts. Just join some from the Facebook groups on Facebook or create one of the own and add your blogger friends to it and share you links when you hit it.Create a separate blog group for your audience. Use this group for interacting with them. Providing tips and asking help from them and engaging in other ways. Now whenever you share a post in this group you can actually see traffic flow to your blog.

There are also groups that have highly dedicated members. Just perform a search using “your niche keyword” + group on Facebook search bar.
2. Post Status updates that interest your audience:
On your profile, you can write a status announcing about your upcoming post and ask if your friends want to be tagged when the post is published.
This strategy alone drives a lot of anticipation amongst your audition and creates a scene where people wait for your posts.It will naturally attract traffic when it gets published.TIP: Use a URL shortener to measure the traffic Facebook sent you.

Google Plus:

One of the most underrated social networking sites, Google plus is a gem for online marketers. More than 90% of users who use Google plus are online marketers and bloggers. It is the second largest social networking site after Facebook.
Communities are yet another great place to publicize your posts. Join different Google plus communities you enjoy and share your posts and ideas on these local communities. You may have followers on line plus and you will share website posts with them, but that's not enough, try to enroll some of Google+ numbers. 

YouTube is like the video galaxy of the universe. Ironically, it is the second largest search engine after Google with over 5 billion searches per month. This is enough to get you share your content on this video platform.
The secret here is you don’t have to be a video maker or any multimedia course graduate to drive visits to your latest posts using YouTube. All you need is to be creative and use good visuals to create a presentation using PowerPoint. You can also convert your existing SlideShare ppt into video using PowerPoint. This can be uploaded to YouTube with links to your blog post. This way you are using both SlideShare and YouTube on one go.
LinkedIn Publishing:
The one reason I ignored LinkedIn publishing in the social media section is this is not social media but a separate platform similar to blogging.
In LinkedIn publishing platform, you can write a separate blog post related to your just-published post and link it. You can also republish your recent post on LinkedIn with minor changes. 

Pinterest: Take advantage of this unique magazine-style visual powerhouse to share your content with an image 

·         Do not include a human face get more pins
·         Are shot against a plain white background receive more pins
·         Have red in them get more shares
·         Are shot portrait style receive more pins
Take the time to create an image that clearly expresses the value behind your article as opposed to simply pinning your featured image.
Blogger Communities:

Below are some useful blog communities presented online that would work worthy and prove preciously in your current blogosphere business. Best of them are as follow: 
•    Triberr 
•    Bizsugur
•    Gather
•    Blog engage (it’s paid :( But a great blog community)
•    Blokube 
•    Technorati 

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