How to Find Codes in Blogger Introduced NewTemplate HTML Editor

Yesterday blogger officials added a new functions in blogger platform. Blogger developers has introduced a New Html Editor for blogger users to customize the template without getting errors. Google works continuously on blogger dashboard to upgrade more and more additional features. Blogger platform brings so many additional features in 2013. You might have observed that few days ago Blogger developers have developed aWikipedia Search Box widget for Blogger. Blogger platform gain popularity day and days because of such amazing features and has owned by Google. There are millions of people using blogger platform because of so manyadditional featureand has free web hosting.

What is Blogger Template HTML Editor?

There are two types of Editors one is for writing posts and other is for editing your template. Your site is build up with HTML that controls the appearance of your site. The templates can be customized through tweaking the coding present in the Editor. Following are the list of improvements that are made to the Blogger Template HTML Editor allowing you to edit your template with ease. You can access the editor by going to the >> Your Site >> Templates >> Edit HTML.

Source Code with Line Numbering:

White editing or making changes in the editor you might face wired errors like “Error parsing XML, line 297, column 3” here the line number would assist you in finding the exact location of the error. Previously, there were no lines numbering functionality. This is precisely neat feature for web developers who develop templates for their living.

New Html Editor Interface In Blogger

Syntax highlighter:

This feature would help you in understanding and writing new codes. With syntax highlighting, you would see a colorful coding which would help you to understand the infrastructure of your template. Different colored div class, Id, and etc would assist you in writing meaningful coding. 

Jump to the Widget” Tool:

Perhaps the finest improvement made to the editor is the addition of “Jump to the widget” tool that directly assists you to find out the coding of a certain widget attached to your site. For example, locate the “Blog1” widget quickly through the drop down menu located on this tool.  

Widget Menu Inside Editor

Some frequently asked Questions?

Where is Expand the Widget option?
Unfortunately, “Expand the Widget” option is terminated. However, we have a new feature known as Format Template that does exactly the same job. Therefore, in you are reading any old tutorials and can’t found “expand the widget” box then without any second thoughts select the “Format” button located in the HTML editor. 

Actually there will be no more expand widget option available in new template html editor. Now expand widget will work same on format template option. Now we have some basics tools inside editors such as Save template, Jump to widget, Edit template, Preview template, Revert change, Save template and Revert template to default.

We hope this article would help you in understanding the new features of the Blogger Template HTML Editor. With this new editor, web designers can code comprehensive coding in just few minutes. Comparing the previous and the current editor, we cannot stop ourselves from praising the blogger engineers “Job well-done”. What are your thoughts about the enhancement? If you have any suggestions, then do leave them in the comment section below. 


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